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Instruments for Polynesian Dance

The most commonly used instruments are

A gourd drum. It gourd drum helps in keeping a steady beat to the hula. It can be used standing.
The larger Ipu Heke (or pa ipu ), or double gourd, is used mainly by the Kumu Hula (teacher) in chants, or by the ho`opa`a (senior student, dance leader). It is a percussion instrument made by joining two ipu, one atop the other. While sitting, the player plays with the fingers and palm, and it can be lifted and "stomped" to the ground to make a loud sound.
A feather-decorated coconut rattle.
A split bamboo rattle, used to enhance the rhythm of the hula being performed.
Waterworn stone pebbles, two in each hand, played in a manner similar to castanets. The two stones are placed in each hand, one between the thumb and pointer, and other is held by the middle, ring and baby fingers. They are claped together to make a rhythmic sound.
The hula sticks are used mostly in Kahiko, or Ancient, performances.